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[Week 15] Submission

I'm pretty much in a hurry. So I will make this post as fast as possible.
This week's theme will be solo, so the junior featured on your icon must be solo (i.e. not in any unit) at this moment. (e.g.: Ikuta Toma, Kazama Shunsuke, Uchi Hiroki... etc.)

Please post like this:

featured member(s): Kazama Shunsuke

× You may submit up to 3 icons
× Your icon must feature at least one current member of Johnny's Jr who is not in a unit at the moment
× Icons must be Lj compatible - 100x100 pixels and max 40KB
× NO animated icons.
× Do not enter an icon not made by you or entered in another icontest
× The icon must be new and not shown until voting is done
× Entries have to be submitted until September 26th, 2008 8:00 pm CEST
× Please don't delete your icons until the voting post is up.
× Have fun! ♥

All comments will be screened.
Happy icon making! ♥
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